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Our Innovation First Plan 

Innovating with No Upfront Costs

Launched by KITAU Robotics, Innovation First was designed to make it easier for your company to invest in the new technologies you need to become more productive, more effective. and more profitable. 


It allows your business to start to develop robotic solutions without the need for the usual upfront investment. This also helps to provide a sense of assurance if you have never work with us previously. 

Why Now?

KITAU has developed this plan as a direct response to customer feedback about the challenges of investing in innovation in the current economic climate. Our customers told us that they would like to invest in new robotic technology, but the economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19 makes the upfront investment feel like too much of a risk. 


How Does Innovation First Help?

Innovation First is aimed to make it easier for businesses to develop robotic solutions without the large upfront costs that development usually entails. 


Innovation First means that, if you have an idea for an innovative robotic project, KITAU will start to develop it with you at absolutely no cost. It takes away the risk of early investment and allows development without costs at the start of the process. The product begins development without the need for upfront investment and we have gained a valuable client. 

What Can Innovation First Support?

KITAU’s Innovation First plan can support development across a wide range of R&D activity. Whether you are looking at agricultural robots, oil and gas inspection robots, cleaning robots, warehouse lifting robots or something else entirely. 

Our Approach

Here at KITAU we see ourselves not just as your supplier, but as your business partner. We work in partnership with the University of Birmingham to bring the very latest research and technology into your business, developing truly ground-breaking solutions to help address the challenges that you face. 


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