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Retail Robot (In Development)

The Challange

In recent years retail has seen a decrease in footfall in stores, with a large portion of customers shopping online. To add to the prior, we have also seen the crippling effects COVID-19 is having on businesses and the economy. The retail service robot proposed above aims to tackle these problems.



The Product

Boasting a large screen the robot can interact with customers, showing items which are on offer or general information about an item when scanned. The robot is also able to navigate autonomously, therefore able to guide customers or direct to particular sections of the store. With the recent ongoing changes in COVID policies, the robot can keep clients informed with the latest social distancing measures.


We have seen the benefits of having self-help systems in stores with the self check out or self-service which can be found in retail and fast-food restaurants respectively. Now its time to take this one step further, and enhance customer experience with a creative solution

Retail Robot

Retail Robot

Retail Robot
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KITAU Robotics - Retail Robot (E-Bot)

KITAU Robotics - Retail Robot (E-Bot)

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